5 Benefits of Changing Your Car Air Filter

July 8th, 2022 by

Your car air filter prevents harmful contaminants from reaching the engine, ensuring that your Mercedes AMG®, S 500, or GLC 300 runs at its best. When you replace your air filter at the factory-recommended intervals at your Mercedes dealer, it will increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and performance, reduce emissions, save you money on repairs, and prolong the life of your engine.

1. Increases Fuel Efficiency

It’s a fact that when you replace your old and contaminated air filter with a new and clean one, you will save money on gas. Over time road dirt, dust, and debris clogs up the air filter and prevent clean air from flowing through to the engine. The reduction in airflow will cause your Mercedes to consume more fuel, forcing you to spend more money on gas. When your Mercedes technician replaces the filter, you will immediately see the difference in fuel economy.

2. Optimizes Performance

When you take your Mercedes to your dealership for scheduled maintenance services, the qualified Mercedes technicians will replace your air filter at the factory recommended intervals, and your vehicle’s engine will run smoothly and optimally.

Regularly replacing the air filter will prevent vehicle issues such as a loss of power, slow acceleration, and even engine damage. The recommended air filter replacement intervals for your specific model are in your owner’s manual, or you can ask your Mercedes technician for information.

3. Prolongs Engine Life

The function of an air filter is to allow clean air to flow through to the engine, but the filter also stops harmful contaminants such as insects, dust, and sand from reaching the engine to prevent damage to essential components. Your vehicle’s engine can’t perform at its best when the air filter is dirty and clogged, preventing clean air from flowing through the engine.

By routinely replacing the air filter, the correct amount of clean air flows through and ensures that your engine and vital components stay protected, prolonging the life of your engine.

4. Prevents Costly Repairs

An old air filter clogged with dust and road dirt will cause soot to foul the spark plugs, and deposits will accumulate on the engine. You will hear awful noises from under the hood, your Mercedes will start to jerk and shake, and you will have all sorts of vehicle issues that could lead to high repair costs. To avoid damaging your engine, follow your vehicle’s service schedule and ensure that the air filter is replaced at the recommended intervals.

5. Reduces Emissions

A dirty and clogged air filter causes an incorrect air-fuel mix, and over time you will have difficulty starting your car, it might even misfire, and black smoke will pour out of the tailpipe. When your vehicle’s air filter is replaced regularly, you will avoid all these issues and significantly reduce your vehicle’s emissions.

Replacing your vehicle’s air filter has many benefits. Not only will your engine run smoothly, but you will also reduce your vehicle’s emissions and save money on fuel and repairs. Take advantage of the great benefits of replacing your air filter and contact Mercedes-Benz of Pleasanton today.

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